Have you decided to join Daileez? Excellent! Creating an account is free and easy.

The account setup page contains three sections:

  • Required (basic data that must be filled-in)
  • Privacy Settings (we know that the question of your privacy is important)
  • Optional Information (data that aren't required, but when we have them the Daileez social interaction is much more fun for you)

One of the main choices is the type of your account. Do you want to share your experiences with others? Choose public account. Do you want on the contrary to use Daileez only for your own personal use and not share with others? Choose private account. It’s only up to you.

Contribute your anonymous votes to the global statistics and follow how the world behaves.
Completing the optional data benefits everyone.

Relax. Most of these settings during account set-up can be changed later at any time simply by visiting Settings.

Forgot your password?

Don't worry. In the login window, click Forgotten password, enter your username or email address and we will send you a newly generated password directly to your email inbox. This password you can of course change later.

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