Iconizing your days is mainly for you, your entertainment, your own use. Some of our users record their feelings, some use Daileez for work, and others just for following their life-style. It’s completely up to you.

This is the main window. Does it look complicated? It isn't.

Thanks to the calendar you can retroactively search your iconized days and determine for example, what you were doing last year, how you were feeling etc.

Days that you iconized are marked in blue.

Four basic parameters

  • Weather
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Mental activity

allow you to capture your situation every day. With only four clicks you can set what kind of weather you had, how happy you were, how well you slept, and how you were thinking. Middle values express your normal situation, the value to the left is the worst; the value to the right is the best.

Icons allow you to wittily and quickly describe (click) basic activities that you were doing or that you encountered. With one click of an icon you activate it, with a second you deactivate. It’s completely up to you. An icon that's been activated has a visible bouncing effect.

A text comment (NOTE) of the day gives you an opportunity to describe anything that you weren't able to capture completely with icons.

Finally you save your votes by clicking the Submit button.
Do you have a Facebook account? And do you want your votes to appear on your Wall, too? Just check the Facebook icon.

Do you want to record your feelings, thoughts even several times during the day? Use our Status Reports box. Moreover, we even thought of connecting Daileez to your Twitter or Facebook account. For posting on Twitter or Facebook, check the icon of the service where you want this information to be also sent.

Side panel contains

  • basic information about your profile
  • your Friends on Daileez

With one click you can switch to the profile of your friend and follow his activities on Daileez.

The Edit Friends link allows you to organize your list of friends and to determine who will appear in your list of TOP friends.

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