YESTERDAY – check here to see how other people are living all around the globe

Global statistics is one of the things our developers really enjoyed creating. We've summed up for you the best that our data has to offer.

We've organized everything into a 4x4 matrix of boxes. Each one tells you something different:

  • parametric boxes tell you what % of users voted what value of 4 known parameters and from this the extrapolated and overall % of the value of the given parameter.
  • icon boxes reveal what percent of users in a given day voted the given icon
  • versus boxes compare groups of users and their behavior. Did Pisces have a better mood? Were forty-year-olds more active in sports? Were women in the cinema more often or did they read more books instead?
  • conjunction boxes are a real gem, to complete the matrix. We selected for you several interesting and amusing connected icons. What percentage of people were on a business trip and also had sex? What percentage bought a new car and also went on a trip? And what percentage lied and also made money? :)

You can examine such statistics and even other interesting ones not only for yesterday, but for any day in the past.

(that is, if you take into consideration that Daileez hasn't been here since the beginning of time. That’s a pity, don't you think? :)

Just click on the arrow, choose a day which interests you, and that’s it.

Do you want more? Click and let more interesting statistics be generated.

Can you think of some other interesting statistics that you would like to see on Daileez? Let us know at

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