daileezfirst icon online diary & journal

Iconize your life

Write your diary in a new way and express your lifestream with icons, short summaries and status reports.

What you can do with daileez:

  • use icons for writing a diary - record your moods, feelings, activities, events,...
  • write short text summaries and status reports to comment on your life (microblogging platform)
  • track your daily bodyweight with weight diary
  • share your life with friends and the rest of the world
  • publish your Daileez icons and status reports on Facebook & Twitter
  • browse thorough statistics of your past, compare your life periods
  • see what did the people all around the world yesterday

Why use daileez:

  • icon is worth a thousand words - in Daileez it's the icons that really matter
  • it's quick, simple and easy
  • free sign up
  • publish your lifestream microblog at yournick.daileez.com
    (see here)
  • use the Daileez widget on your web pages or blog
  • no more hours a week spent writing, just minutes
  • private or public diaries
  • iPhone app is coming soon

Use Daileez day by day as your free diary

Enjoy your new way of diary writing... ICONIZE YOUR LIFE!