Daileez is first icon diary & online journal that gives you a backwards glance at your life and the lives of others, in icons. Use what you experienced and “iconize” your day. Choose an icon that best describes your activity. If an icon isn't enough, you can add a detailed text description of your activity. Connect Daileez with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to send updates there as well.

Have you ever wondered what you were doing on the same day last year? Daileez statistics gives you the ability to look back on your life. You'll find out how often you did your favourite activities, what other things you experienced, how was your mood, your emotions etc. Which month your mental activity peaked and which month you perhaps weren't thinking at all. There is a precise overview of all your daily activities and those of your Daileez friends in numbers as well as icons.

What were your Daileez friends doing yesterday? What was the world doing? Daileez icons offer you interesting statistics that you might not have otherwise. For example, how well did people sleep last night? Did people between the ages of 20 - 29 travel more than those aged 40 - 49? Statistics are available not only from yesterday, but retroactively from any day since the start of Daileez!

Use Daileez day by day as your free diary